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Welcome to American Auto Manuals, where we provide you with the shop - service manuals needed to repair, restore and or maintain your American beauty on easily accessible CD format.

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Whether you work on it yourself, are pay someone else information is the key. Have the same diagnostic, service and repair information new car dealership mechanics had when your 1979 and older Ford, Chrysler products also 1972 and older General Motors products was sold new, now have 1969 thru 1979 Jeep available. Your CD manual will contain all required paper manuals.

Don't waste time searching then bidding on all the required paper books for your American car or truck.

For example; Your 1969 Jeep CD manual covers the 1969 thru 1971 and includes the Jeepster, J-Series, and Universal Series  manuals all this in one convenient location. Our custom designed index program allows you the ability to select the book wanted and then the section "engines" then the subsection "cubic inches" needed.

In the comfort of your home simply point and click, then print just the page or pages needed. The page with that all important torque spec has fallen on the floor and been stepped on, no problem simply print another one.

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